Just Be You

Just be you. #pureplenty
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About This Project

The world can really seem to force you into a mold if you’re not watching out for it. It doesn’t happen all at once but little by little, between ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and expectations as employees, parents, romantic partners, women, men.



What’s more, you may have found that these molds tended to grow more rigid each year as you reached adulthood and marched onwards. It’s easy to lose yourself in the process without even realizing it.



Today, I challenge you to own your self. Undoubtedly there are amazing, hilarious, kind of strange and totally unique aspects of yourself that only a few very close friends or family know. These things are what make you YOU. When you let them shine proudly, I guarantee you will not only feel more joy everyday, but also find more success in your career and relationships as you expose your natural gifts and strengths.