The Year That Changes Everything

The Year That Changes Everything #pureplenty
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About This Project

Think back to this point twelve months ago. What was it you hoped to accomplish in 2014? Were resolutions set, promises made, goals stated?


And most importantly, did the year turn out as you hoped?


We often kick off our new years with big dreams and grand resolutions, but as the weeks rolled by, you may have found that old habits crept back in, excuses were made, and commitments (especially the ones you made to yourself!) were broken.


This frequently happens because we make these commitments in isolation, without fully thinking through the broader implications or putting measures in place to keep ourselves accountable.


So here’s my question for you:

What if 2015 is the year that changes everything?


Where would you like to be in your life and career at this point next year? Are you ready for BIG, juicy, paradigm-shifting changes? Powerful growth in your work and relationships? Perhaps even a brand new path?


Give yourself the time and space to really think through your vision for what life could look like twelve months from now. This is the good stuff; it warrants true clarity.


And once you have this clear picture in your head, take a few more moments to consider what it would take to get there, beyond a resolution on January 1st. What resources do you need to make this vision a reality? This could be anything from monthly meetings with your mentor to a weekly meditation practice, to daily exercise.


Finally, if you’re committed to an incredible 2015, I’d also like to invite you to a powerful one-on-one coaching conversation. In this complimentary 90-minute session we’ll explore your goals for the year to come and begin to formulate a plan for how you’ll get there – at absolutely no cost, and with no strings attached. My gift to you.


Up for it? Drop me a line so we can find a time that works well for you in the New Year.


Cheers to your 2015! May it be a year of plenty.