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It’s often a question we ask children. Will you become a doctor, helping to care for the sick? Or an astronaut, exploring new lands? Or a teacher, giving the gift of knowledge to your pupils?


Regardless of what your answer may be (or may have been), the question presupposes a world of possibility and purpose-driven living.

Inertia is a bitch. Chart your own course. #pureplenty

And though the answer may have shifted over the years, we all still have big goals and aspirations that we plan to go after one day, nurtured through childhood dreams and refined through the wisdom that experience brings.


But, somehow, life gets in the way. Time flies. The real world hits head-on, and you wind up on a path you don’t love, full of obligations, expectations, Monday dread.


Often this path was only meant to be temporary – a first job out of college, a salary or title that seemed too good to pass up – but inertia and the sheer effort it takes to maintain it all has caused you to stick with it, though it may not be serving you anymore.

Do something you love so much that Mondays are the best part of your week. #pureplenty #lovemondaysImagine loving what you did so much that you looked forward to the beginning of each week.


Or think of it this way – if money were no concern, and success were guaranteed, what would you do today? What is it that sustains you, on the deepest level? What fills you with joy and creates a fire in your belly?


Your time is precious, and this is where it should be spent.




I believe true abundance – a life of plenty – comes to those who prioritize their passions. As the old adage goes, do what you love and the money will follow.


I also believe that you have the answers you’re looking for. Opportunity lies ahead if you’re willing to go after it, and I would be honored to join you on this journey.


Hi, I’m Emily Nakkawita (until recently, Emily Verkruyse!). Learn more about me here.


I want to know what makes you tick. What puts you in a state of flow. When you feel most connected to your life’s purpose. And what a life of plenty truly means to you.


I’m here to help you catalyze profound change in your life. As your personal coach, this will take the form of asking big questions, helping you sketch out your master plan and ensuring you stay accountable to the promises you make yourself.


And above all, I’m here to help you cut through the worry, doubt and overwhelm so you can design the life and career of your choosing.

I’d love to hear about your vision for your own life of plenty and the career of your dreams. Let’s discuss where you might be stuck and architect a plan to create the abundance you’ve always wanted.


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